the solution



There is only a way to have safe elections: avoid computers from polling stations or, at least, from voting and counting.

  1. All voting operations are public and each party has a representative inside each polling station to verify there are no fraud
  2. No electronic device is used in voting nor in counting votes. Computers can only be used to verify people's eligibility to vote
  3. Votes are manually written on paper ballots
  4. Counting is done manually, ballot by ballot, in each polling station
  5. Results of each polling station are soon:
    1. made public to the people standing outside the polling station
    2. written to official paper reports and filed
    3. sent to a central web site where they are shown individually and also tallied up
  6. all ballot papers, divided per polling station, are moved to a storage location

Apart from point 5.c the above elections are those held in Italy. See details. Unfortunately to vote in such elections blind and disable people must allow someone they trust to enter with them in the voting boot.

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